Website Design FAQ

The three main types of websites are static, dynamic, and eCommerce sites.  Static sites simply provide information (like this one) that is displayed to each user in the same manner.  A dynamic site can present itself to users differently based upon a variety of input factors.  For example, Instagram or Google present different views or information to different users. The third major category of website is eCommerce.  These sites are set up to help users shop for and purchase products.

According to, having a designer create a static small business website for your company can range anywhere from $2000 to $9000.  Right Stuff Web Development develops a custom quote for your website needs which is typically on the bottom end of that range.  Many factors affect the cost:

  • How big of a site you are building
  • How much custom coding the site requires
  • How much media/content you provide to the designer

Contact Allen today to discuss your project and get a quote.  Allen offers personalized, professional service at a relatively affordable rate.

Yes, you absolutely can design and build your own website.  There are many great services available to help you in this endeavor:  SquareSpace, Wix, etc. The DIY approach to web design is by far the most economical.  The main goal of Right Stuff Web Development is to get your site up and running in as cost-effective way as possible.  Allen is more than willing to simply be the helping hands to get you started or through any trouble spots in a DIY website.  Of course, we have found most people would prefer to forgo the headache of designing and building a site and simple work with Allen to get a site up and running that looks professional, is robustly created according to best-practices, and is SEO optimized.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.  Simply put, SEO is the process of designing a website to be easily found by search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.  This involves predicting what potential customers might type into those search engines and then targeting page content, meta data, etc. to rank highly in the search engine indices.  

A hosting service is a company that offers space on their servers (computers) for your website to live.  When you build a website, you must first find a place for it to exist and be found on the internet.  When Right Stuff Web Development builds a website for a client, we typically deploy the site on a server as part of hosting plan held by you through a hosting service.  We work with many hosting service providers, but one of our favorites right now is NameHero.  When you have Allen build a site for you, he will walk you through step by step how to purchase a hosting plan and then he will handle all the technical aspects of setting it up.    

A domain name is simply a web address (a.k.a. URL).  For instance you are now on my website which has the domain name “”. 

Absolutely! When I was a kid people found business through advertisements or through looking in the phone book.  Those days are long gone.  Most customers find the businesses they will do business with through internet searches.  Not only do you need a website, but you need one that can be easily found through the big search engines.  

While most of the DIY website builders are reasonably good, I still recommend at least having some help from a professional website designer.  Your website is not only your lead generating machine, but it is also your first impression to potential clients.  Having it not only optimized to be found by potential customers, but also to impress them when they visit is well worth the cost of bringing in an expert. 

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